Runway Productions

Our Evolution and Strategy

Known as the leading Fashion and Lifestyle events company since the late 80’s, RUNWAY PRODUCTIONS is recognized for delivering breakthrough events that generate results. Going beyond just mere events production and management, RUNWAY PRODUCTIONS is in touch with clients’ needs, integrating their required brand identity throughout the implementation of their events.

In addition to creative and staging services, RUNWAY PRODUCTIONS also provides useful metrics to measure the clients’ success and return on investment—in terms of brand-building, customer retention, sales generation and market research. RUNWAY PRODUCTIONS makes sure that the clients are able to communicate to the right audience, making their brand a part of their lifestyles.

With traditional advertising strategies giving way to newer methodologies, and the rise of a more informed, independent and experienced audience, RUNWAY PRODUCTIONS has come up with three strategies to address what has been lacking in most of the companies’ marketing efforts:

With this three-point strategy at its heart and foundation, RUNWAY PRODUCTIONS has mounted successful corporate events for various industries, from fashion, lifestyle, automotive, retail, technology, packaged goods, high art, to professional sports—shows that are put on for customers, put on with customers, or even sometimes created by the customers themselves. Thus, our edge: